Pirkei Avos famously teaches that without kemach, sustenance, there cannot be Torah. We’re going to apply this Mishnah to Pesach by featuring a nytimes.com’s highlighted Seder menu combined with five insightful thinkers on Pesach who can transform your Seder into a launching pad for your Seder guests to learn Torah throughout the year.

First, the kemach – introducing a new take on Seder cuisine to nourish inquisitive minds – 5 Fresh Seder Dishes You’ll Want to Make All the Time.  

And now….. the novel Hagaddah and Pesach insights!

1) Teaching Torah and Emunah / Jewish Faith to the Coming Generation by Rabbi Reuven Leuchter (Hagaddah Parts 1-4 plus Hagaddah Storylines).

2) A Practical Guide to Leading a Seder: Insights, Ideas and Inspiration by  Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

Haggadah Conversations for Your Seder Table by Rabbi Efrem Goldberg 

3) Something to Say at the Seder by Rabbi Zvi Sobolofsky

4) Preparing for Pesach – Making Order in Our Lives by Rabbi Moshe Weinberger

At the Pesach Seder with Rebbi Nachman by Rabbi Moshe Weinberger

5)  Hardening Pharoah’s Heart by Rabbi Mayer E. Twersky

Bonus idea! 

For those people who can’t make it to your Seder and will either be guests or hosting their own, run a pre-Seder workshop, “How to Star at Your Passover Seder!” that will easily pack your choice venue.


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