One of the great secrets of the Torah is how and why Yaakov Avinu became so successful in his lifetime! In Bereishis 31:6 we learn, “With all of my strength I have served.”


How determined are you to do the right thing?

How far will you go out of your way to do your job right?

What is your sense of commitment, drive and urgency to go ‘the extra mile?’

Take Advantage of Opportunities

By adding some more effort to give a little extra information, you can create a favorable impression to gain some positive attention. Going above and beyond expectations can sometimes pay off in amazing ways. Imagine sending someone a neat handwritten note to surprise and delight them in a memorable way. When you offer to do something ‘extra,’ the effect may last a lifetime.


To review your learning one more time is a form of going the extra mile. The Gemara says that learning without review is like planting without harvesting. What a great loss!


Don’t get caught in a chain reaction of your own inaction.

One Day at a Time

A big job begins with one small step for today. How can you develop the ability to make people you deal with feel important? The suggestion is to memorize one thing about every person you meet so that you can develop a personal connection.


A small mistake can matter so much as to even spell disaster, which is why we need to review Mishlei 28:14 (the siman to remember this source can be ‘koach yad’/the secret of power).

“Fortunate is a person who is always afraid.” This is explained in Gittin 55b.

Tosfos – always review your learning not to forget such precious treasures.

Rashi – always look ahead to check over details not to get into trouble.


Be alert.  Do not overlook small concerns. Please click here to continue reading and download the Ebook, Going the Extra Mile.

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