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Mutual Responsibility in the Jewish State based on a shuir by HaRav Aharon Lichtenstein
A discussion of some of the halakhic contexts in which the idea of mutual responsibility arises.

Parting Words by Rabbi Pinchas Winston
The Shabbos day section the extent of Jewish social responsibility.

An Ounce of Prevention by Rabbi Eliyahu Hoffman
The Torah, it appears, requires us to take responsibility for everything we do. Even accidental mishaps are not without blame.

Taking Responsibility for One’s Deeds as summarized by Dvir Techelet
Even in a state of war, away from home and family, where man’s moral standards balance precariously on a thin wire, he cannot use the war setting as an excuse to lose his balance, to take advantage of a woman momentarily, and then cast her aside without an afterthought for her well-being. One must realize the gravity of his actions, even in warfare.

Assuming Responsibility by Rav Yehuda Lapian
Discusses two types of responsibility responsibility for one’s actions and their consequences and responsibility for one’s environment, city, and nation

Should We Hide in Our Arks or Take Responsibility from JET Ottawa
We live in a time of great change. We can batten down the hatches and hope we will float safely on our arks. Or we can take responsibility for our world and the challenges of our times.


Timberland and the Torah: Billionaire Spreads Corporate Social Responsibility from Latitude News
Barry Swartz, an observant Jew who studies his Torah daily, was a pioneering advocate of corporate social responsibility. As CEO of Timberland, he called on his company to behave in ways that created positive impact where it did business.

Taking Responsibility a Religious Perspective by Rabbi Yosef Blau
I believe that in the Jewish religious tradition, accepting responsibility is the fundamental quality required for leadership.

Torah by David Ebenbach
As one would expect, taking responsibility leads to better results than self-pity.

Reward and Punishment by Rabbi Yirmiyahu Ullman
However, if this is true, although we can understand why the wicked will be punished in the next world for their misdeeds, why are they rewarded for their few good deeds in this world?

The Missing Afterlife from
The commentators note that the blessings and curses in Leviticus 26 only promise reward and punishment in this world. There is no mention of an afterlife. In fact, there is no explicit mention of an afterlife anywhere in the Bible. However, the question remains why the reward and punishment in the afterlife is not discussed outright in the Bible.


Two Minutes of Torah: Bo – Taking Responsibility by Rabbi Danny Burkeman
We could have been purely passive as God took us out of Egypt, but these moments were important as they allowed us to take responsibility for ourselves. And in so doing we were actually taking the first steps from slavery to freedom.

Torah Study Pleasure or Responsibility by Rabbi Eliyahu Hoffman
Se’u es rosh teaches us that while it’s beautiful and pleasurable to be a Jew, it’s also a responsibility that must be treated with the utmost respect.

On Torah and Privlege by Asaf Bar Tura
A great example is white (and male) privilege. I am not guilty of having white male privilege. But the fact that I have this privilege places a responsibility on me to take an active role in pursuit of social justice and equity. If by having this privilege I am in an advantageous social position, I must use this unfair social advantage to combat oppression and collaborate with those who are oppressed.

Rambam’s 13 Principles by Yaakov Ariel
The Gemara’s words imply a correspondence between, or rather an equivalence of, the afterlife (i.e. world-to-come) and the resurrection. Therefore, someone who rejects the resurrection has no place in the afterlife, measure for measure.

Reward and Punbishment from
While the existence of Divine reward and punishment is one of the primary tenets of Jewish faith, the question always arises: Why do the righteous suffer and the wicked appear to flourish? It is a question that theologians and philosophers have devoted many lifetimes seeking to answer.


Providence and Responsibility by Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb
Can God be running the world so completely that I have nothing left to exercise my personal responsibility?

Freedom and Responsibility by Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb
There is a contradiction between the torah principle of free will and choice and the obligation to do all of the mitzvahs as commanded by God. Do I really have free will to choose my own path if I have a to follow all of these laws?

Rewarding Reward by Mrs. Shira Smiles
We know that God will reward us for the mitzvos in the next world. If this world is not the world of reward but one of toil in order to gain reward in the next world how do we understand the abundance that is promised for upholding the mitzvos in the torah?

Responsibility; the Measure of Man by Rabbi Andi Yudin
A person has to be a judge and a policeman for himself to see that he is behaving properly.

Responsibility and Leadership by Richard M. Joel
The freedom we gained when we left Egypt was the freedom to take responsibility.

Vayeishev: Ambition and Responsibility by Rabbi Moshe Taragin
What are the different leadership skills of Yehuda and Yosef?

How to Get Reward for Mitzvos Without Even Doing Them by Rabbi Shmuel Suslovich
How do you gain reward for the mitzvos you cannot perform yourself? By learning the pertinent halachos.


The Responsibility of a Jew by Rabbi Shmuel Greenberg

Chofetz Chaim: Responsibility by Rabbi Noach Isaac Oelbaum

Providence and Responsibility by Rabbi Dr. Dovid Gottlieb

We Get Rewarded for the Efforts, Not the Results by Rabbi Yigal Haimoff

Parshat Bechukotai: Blessings of Torah by Rabbi Hershel Reichman

The Body and the Soul by Rebbitzen Tzipporah Heller

Torah and Society: Rights vs. Responsibilities by Rabbi Moshe Lieberman

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