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The Concept of Teshuva by Rabbi Michoel Schoen
Teshuvah, repentance, seems illogical. True, a sinner must change his ways to avoid further punishment. Yet by what logic can a previous sin be forgiven? Why shouldn’t he be punished for the bad he has done?

Repentance by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin
Over and above heredity and environment, Judaism insists on a third factor that influences human behavior: the soul. The notion of a soul, possessed of free will, explains why two brothers can be born to the same parents, and raised in the same environment, yet one ends up a criminal and the other a fully responsible individual, sometimes even a saint. It is also the soul that makes possible a person’s ability to repent.

What Does Teshuva Really Mean by Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok
Repentance is how teshuva is interpreted. Yet, teshuva actually means ‘to return,” within the context of returning to G-d.

Two Different Dynamics by Rabbi Eliyahu Touger
The conventional translation of teshuvah as “repentance” restricts its conception to one shared by Western society as a whole. The literal translation of teshuvah – and the conception expressed in our divine service – is “return”. A comparison of the meaning of these two terms through the eyes of the Jewish tradition reflects a radical contrast that sheds light on many aspects of our relationship with G-d.

Strategies for a Successful Teshuva by Rabbi Chaim Morgenstern
A person may honestly believe that doing teshuva for every sin is impossibility. But just because he cannot do everything does that mean that he should do nothing? Let him make a “token payment” that will express his desire to make a full payment towards his “debt” to Hashem. Once he takes the first step that shows his desire to improve himself, Hashem will reduce his debt.


Midrashim About Teshuva from
The source of the effectiveness of Teshuvah is the Holy One Himself.

The Laws of Repentence –  a translation of  the first book of Maimonides’ Mishneh Torah, the Code of Jewish Law: the Book of Knowledge by Immanuel O’Levy
These chapters discuss the single positive commandment to confess and return to God if one sinned.

No More Hiding from the Huffington Post
This process of heshbon nefesh, of “soul searching,” is a daunting task. Can we change? Can we actually take the necessary steps to become the people we want and need to be?

Is There a Mitzvah to do Teshuva? by Rabbi Aaron Ross
Is there actually a mitzva, a specific commandment, to do teshuva? If there is, then how is such a commandment fulfilled, and if there is not, then how are we to understand the myriad of sources that enjoin us to do exactly that?


Is it Ever too Late to Do Teshuva? by the Jewish Worker
If you look at any mussar sefer the answer is no, as chazal say אפילו חרב חדה מונחת על ראשו אל ימנע עצמו מן הרחמים. Yet, the Rambam in Hilchos Teshuva (6:3) states explicitly that it could be too late.

Teshiva: In Your Mouth and Your Heart by Rabbi Mayer Twerski
The Torah emphasizes our capacity and ability to repent. It is “in your mouth and your heart” to repent.

Ahhhh The Gift of Teshuva by
HaShem is the most merciful judge in the world. Even if we were repeated offenders, He gives us countless chances to try again. And again. And again. Until we get it right.


Teshuva: Recreating the Personality by Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz
A change of heart and of person is the sign that the Teshuva is effective, successful, and approved.

The Inevitability of Teshuva by Esther Wein
Just as our redemption as a nation is inevitable, the teshuva that will bring about our redemption is also inevitable.


Teshuva by Rabbi Avraham Sutton

What is Teshuva? by Retorno

Gift of Teshuva: The Perfect Gift for Today’s Generation by Rabbi Heshy Kleinman

Ten Steps in Teshuva – Step 7: Back to the World by Rabbi Reuven Brand

The Annual Teshuva Shmooze in Queens by Rabbi Benzion Shafier

Path to Teshuva by Rabbi Hanoch Teller

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