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Strategic Teshuva by Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb
Creative Ways to Make Yourself Do the “Right Thing”.

Do Teshuva Out of Love This Yom Kippur by Mark Frankel
People today are more equipped to have a love of G-d than previous generations especially in our close-to-Moshiach times.

The Dynamics of Teshuva by Dr J. Immanuel Schochet
Teshuvah thus is forever close at hand, and when man returns from his sins, this teshuvah returns to the Holy One, blessed be He, and he atones for all – all judgments are suppressed and sweetened, and man is purified from his sins.

Atonement in the Absence of the Beit HaMikdash by David Silverberg
There is no “statute of limitations” on the process of sin and repentance; it is never too late for a person who has transgressed to experience and express his remorse and thereby earn atonement.

Is Teshuva Fair? Two Contemporary Views Regarding the Mechanisms of Repentance by Alex Maged
If we say sorry for some wrong which we committed then of course God will pardon us – indeed, why should He not? Yet if we take a step back for a moment, I think we will reveal that as straightforward as it may come across, the notion of teshuvah is anything but intuitive.


Teshuva for Retzicha from Yeshiva World News
A discussion on how to do teshuva for murder.

Teshuva Packet by Rabbi Asher Baruch Wegbreit
Why is it hard to do teshuva and what can we do about it.

The Four Steps to Repentance by
Definitions of the four steps to teshuva.

Teshuva – Four Steps to Greatness from
Teshuva is challenging. As a matter of fact, it can be a very uncomfortable challenge. It can be hard, and humbling, to admit our mistakes. Then to actually make changes certainly takes a lot of work and effort. What we need to remember is that growth and change are also a pleasure.

The True Power of Repentance and Forgiveness by Alan Lurie
Together, repentance and forgiveness are the basic mechanisms of personal and societal growth, directing us through a deliberate, and often uncomfortable, path of honest self-evaluation.


How to do Teshuva in 5 Minutes by Chana Jenny Weisberg
Spend 5 to 15 minutes a day following the 4 steps to teshuva for anything you’ve done wrong this past year.

How to do Real Teshuva Very Important! from Inspire Yourself
You may think its too hard to really do teshuva. So I am here to tell you how to fix up the past year’s mess ups, and it so much easier than you think!


Deeper than Teshuva by Rabbi Dr. Akiva Tatz
Why is the language of Vidui in the plural? Can I say if someone else will stop making mistakes?

Teshuva by Rabbi Ari Kahn
Doing teshuva requires both returning from sin before God and confessing. How does this mechanism work.

30 Minute Primer on Teshuva by Rabbi Pinny Rosenthal
What constitutes teshuva?


What is the Mechanism of Teshuva by Rabbi Daniel Glatstein

How to do Teshuva by Holy Sparks

Teshuva Part II by Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi

Returning to God in Four Easy Steps by Rabbi Shlomo Buxbaum

Daily Mussar: How to do Teshuva by David Abdurachmanov

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