q-a-avigdor-miller-coverWe live in a tumultuous generation. The society we live in is often hostile to religion in general. In particular, it ridicules the foundations of Judaism: Creation from nothing, the authenticity of the Torah, and Divine reward and punishment. However, our Torah is logical and rational. Its important precepts can be proved easily. Certainly it’s a simple matter to reveal the emptiness of the ideologies and “science” that oppose it. Most importantly, the Torah lifestyle can be a source of immense happiness; it’s a system through which each of us can develop a deep closeness and devotion to Hashem.

Rabbi Miller dedicated his life to teaching these truths. He developed these ideas in great detail in his thousands of recorded lectures, and they are distilled brilliantly in his three classic hashkafah (philosophy)texts, Rejoice, O Youth; Sing, You Righteous; and Awake, My Glory. Simchas Hachaim Publishing is delighted to release Judaism Q&A, arranged by Rabbi Tzvi Moshe Schultz. Rabbi Schultz is an experienced mechanech who is also a published author. In Judaism Q&A,Rabbi Schultz has distilled key concepts from Rabbi Miller’s three hashkafah books, providing the reader an invaluable reference and source of inspiration.

Every thought comes directly from Rabbi Miller’s original texts, and every source is cited. The novelty is only the presentation: Rabbi Miller’s remarks have been simplified and arranged by topic.