Rabbi Avigdor Miller z”l, one of our generation’s preeminent marbitzei Torah, helped tens of thousands of Jews come closer to Torah. His great acumen and down-to-earth way of speaking made him equally appealing to the Chasid in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and to the American Orthodox Jew in Williamsburg, Virginia. No surprise many regard his classic hashkafa sefarim Rejoice, O Youth, Sing, You Righteous, and Awake, My Glory – as essential reading. Now these classics reappear in a format made-to-order for today’s yearning Jewish souls.

Culled from R’ Miller’s hashkafa sefarim, Judaism Q&A was adapted by Rabbi Tzvi Moshe Schultz with the new, modern reader in mind. It’s an easy read in question-and-answer format, yet addresses many fundamentals of Jewish philosophy. Like Rabbi Miller himself, Judaism Q&A shies away from no topic; you will find inside clear statements about evolution and other religions. Core questions are hit head on such as:

  • “Does Hashem need our prayers?”
  • “What is Olam Haba?”
  • “What does it mean to ‘believe’ in Hashem?”
  • “How can you see Hashem in the world around you?”

“It’s a great overview of basic Jewish thought,” observes Aryeh Zev Narrow, the director of Simchas Hachaim Publishing. “It’s simply perfect for newcomers to Torah observance.”

“For families already committed to a frum life, the book provides great topics to discuss around the Shabbos table,” adds Narrow. “We also recommend it for the young adult reader who wants to understand Yiddishkeit better. I know personally of a case of a mesivta rebbe who learned Judaism Q&A privately with a talmid who was in need of a chizuk. The rebbe reported it was a remarkable success.”

Simchas Hachaim Publishing is excited about the release of Judaism Q&A and for its potential in the hands of professional mekarvim, so the publishing house is offering Judaism Q&A to NLEResouces.com readers at 20% off (order from SimchasHachaim.com with the coupon code NLE20; the offer ends on Purim).

The sefer, a cheerily-designed hard cover, is 160 pages long and sells for $15 in stores or at simchashachaim.com. Special terms are possible for large or custom orders. A digital version has also been added to the NLE Resources Online Bookshelf, where mekarvim can read the entire sefer online for free.

What’s more, the publisher is giving away three copies to professional kiruv workers. For a chance to win, send your name, address, and a few words describing your kiruv work to jqa@simchashachaim.com before March 24, 2016.



Simchas Hachaim Publishing, a division of Yeshiva Gedolah Bais Yisroel, is the official publisher of R’ Miller’s books and lectures. 718 258 7400 x103 * simchashachaim.com.



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