This page offers great links that you can forward on to a student or congregant to help them learn or improve upon their Hebrew language, and by extension, better understand their Chumash or Siddur in Shul.


Websites and Resource Tools

Dah Bear A project of Legacy Heritage Fund, Dah Bear is a language tool which facilitates higher levels of Hebrew vocabulary mastery by students in day schools and supplemental schools. This new online educational tool includes word lists, flash cards, educational games and a testing feature to help students learn more effectively using 21st century tools. Dah Bear also contains features that enable teachers to track their students progress on homework and tests. Dah Bear is free for teachers and students and is intended for use in school and at home.

Safa-Ivrit An amazing site on the Hebrew language. The main site includes links to questions and articles about the history of Hebrew, questions about expressions, pronunciation, vocalization and more. The link above will direct you to a dictionary.

Online Hebrew Dictionary An easy to use online dictionary of modern Hebrew.

FlashcardExchange An online, user-generated flashcard library, including a Hebrew language collection. Users can share flashcards and store their own flashcard projects online.

eHebrew Learn Hebrew Vocabulary Online for free and increase vocabulary with’s dictionary of English & Hebrew terms organized by topic.

Hebrew Keyboard Tutor is a simple, interactive tutor to teach Hebrew typing.

My English-Hebrew Dictionary is a free on-line educational site, which can help one to learn Hebrew vocabulary in an easy manner.


Is Hebrew the Jewish Language? by Rabbi Gil Student The Proper Pronunciation of Hebrew by Rabbi Aryeh Lebowitz



Learn Hebrew Phrases A website that teaches 100’s of different words and phrases for settings such as travel to a business meeting. Plus, the videos offer  english translations and transliterations. These videos can also be viewed directly on YouTube here.