People are beginning to talk about NLE Resources, and all that it offers rabbis and educators around in the world.  In fact, we’ve been receiving requests, recommendations, and resources, and we just say, “keep ‘em coming!”.  We’re looking to create the most useful resource depot online.

Just recently, Rahel Halabe, a teacher of modern and biblical Hebrew in Vancouver for 30 years, shared with us her new and effective text book, “Hinneh” for teaching Hebrew, and we wanted to share it with you.  Here’s what Rahel had to say:

Hinneh – Biblical Hebrew the Practical Way is a new and innovative introductory textbook which would work well for those who have just learned to read Hebrew (still, without comprehension), and those who have had previous exposure to either Modern or Classical Hebrew.

“Through clear explanations in the English language, and a plethora of examples and exercises, Hinneh imparts the most efficient and effective skills and tools that allow the adult learners to access the actual Tanakh text early on. Hinneh is suitable for study in the academic or non-academic classroom, in havruta, and by the self-motivated individual learner.  As it includes also a rich Tool Box, many clear paradigms, commonly occurring noun, preposition and verb lists, this book can serve also as a wonderful resource and reference book on the shelves of any Jewish library.”

Check it out at  And share in the comments here your impressions and other great Hebrew resources!

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