Below you will find wonderful resources to help you simply dip your feet wet or really unlock the potential and power that is social media.

Socia Media Articles of Interest

The Complete Guide to Tumblr Etiquette
This guide highlights a lot of the big topics and day-to-day practices of having a Tumblr account, which may help you have a better overall experience on the site.

Glossary of Terms
It’s easy to get lost in the sea of social jargon. This site, Engagment Marketing, has compiled a quick list of the most common terms to help you make sense of it all.

Can We Stop Calling it Social Media yet?
Well written article that will leave you with a new and refreshing perspective on what this new medium.

Most Organizations Still Fear Social Media
Harvard Business Review explores the phobia that many organizations still have towards this new yet powerful tool.

How to: Make or Break Your Social Media Campaign
Learn the 1 practice that will make our break all of your online marketing efforts.

Social media is like air
Learn how and why social media is completely flowing through anything and everything.

Where Jewish non-profit meets social media meet
This article brings you up to speed with some of the social media trends occurring in the Jewish world.

How to: Turn social media into a sustained source of competitive advantage
A must read.

5 Clever Social Media Campaigns To Learn From
Explore these case studies of what made their campaigns successful so that you can see the fruits of your labor as well!

Social Media Is A Part Of The User Experience
Important read. Worth considering whenever it comes to the design of a flyer, business card, website, etc.

Why The New York Times eschews formal social media guidelines
Worth reading and thinking about how this does or does not apply to your institution.

YouTube Related Links

YouTube adds donation button to charities’ channels
An important link to help bring in more donations. Every little bit can help!

How to: Get Your Video Found on Youtube in 4 Easy Steps
Simple to read and practical, this link will show you how to stand out from the crowd.

How to remove related videos from the end of an embedded YouTube video
You are stuck. You want to embed your promotional video that is hosted on youtube, but you don’t want it to display any possible related videos after. Learn from this link how you an easily solve this issue!

Facebook Related Links

The Complete Facebook Guide for Non-profits
This guide is a must read if you are considering using Facebook in your marketing campaign

Animals rule the Facebook nonprofit kingdom
Worth reading to see if you can use something that will help serve as a trigger for your nonprofit!

How a Facebook Event Transformed an Organization
Debra Askanese provides an in-depth analysis about how Sviva Israel used Facebook Events to tie online and offline organizing, and how it transformed the organization in the process.

Marketing with a Custom Facebook Cover Image 
Social media is now one of the main ways businesses promote their products, services and events. The example here is of’s Facebook page with a cover image advertising a webinar. The yellow striped area leads the eye down to where one can register for this event. The viewer can very easily see where to click! The trick is to using the Facebook layout (or other social media) to your best advantage to generate leads not simply for a webinar but for your class, trip, or event.

Comprehensive Facebook Guide
The Comprehensive Facebook Guide is free and compliments of

Twitter Related Links

Comprehensive Twitter Guide
The Comprehensive Twitter Guide is free and compliments of,

Pinterest Related Links

How to: Use Pinterest in 4 Easy Steps!
Jump aboard the 3rd largest social media network!

5 Ways for Nonprofits to Use Pinterest
An important read for any nonprofit considering marketing through Pinterest.

How to pin SlideShare presentations to your Pinterest boards
If you post anything on SlideShare this is a great link to click on and read up on!