Recently, Pew Research released a report about social media usage. Take a look at the chart below showing combinations of social networks that people use:

It’s clear that Facebook is by far the most popular social network.


Facebook touches half of the Internet-connected human race. There are millions of Facebook users who have not yet adopted other major platforms.

Next, we ask that you take note of the synergy between Twitter and Instagram, the top left corner of the chart. Half of the users of each platform use the other platform.

Social Media Graph

What does this data mean for your nonprofit’s social media strategy?

Be on Facebook!

It has become the default platform. You’ll want to build a strong community on Facebook. The more you do so, the greater chance that you’ll see support and “warm bodies” showing up to your classes, programs and dinners.

Next, remember that interactions between networks means that in 2015 your social media strategy must be multi-channel and integrated. If you’re active on Instagram – like so many Jewish organizations and nonprofits are nowadays – you’ll want to engage on Twitter as well and use proper hashtags in your online and print media. (Be sure to see our latest post about Instagram by Mordecai Holtz’s here and our blogpost on Twitter and choosing hashtags here.) Social networks are not a zero-sum game; users benefit by being active on more than one network.

And so, if you’re looking to expand to platforms beyond Facebook, remember that Facebook is the starting point. Users of every other platform also use Facebook. However, as shown in the chart above, the reverse is true only one-third of the time.

Overall, remember that the key to success in a top-notch social media and communications plan begins with your strategy. Don’t just post on social media aimlessly. The more carefully you develop your strategy (for more on strategies, see the above mentioned post by Mordecai Holtz and another post here), the more effective you will become at having people find you, and the more often they will attend your events and support your cause!



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