Once every seven years, Am Yisrael is privileged to observe the mitzvah of shmittah. While we are honored to observe this mitzvah (and others that are contingent on Eretz Yisrael) its infrequency makes it hard to know the pertinent halachos. This is especially relevant at critical moments, like at the supermarket.

The Shmittah App was designed to get you the answers you need quickly, yet it also contains a wealth of information for further edification. It includes a list of produce and the halachos that apply to each fruit or vegetable, frequently asked questions, common terms, a few ebooks, and even an “ask the rabbi” feature. The app is completely free and is donation driven.

The halachic content is from The Pocket Halacha Serious – “Shmitah in the Kitchen”, written by Rabbi Avraham Wiesenfeld, Rosh Kollel of halacha in Romeima and a maggid shiur in various yeshivos in Yerushalayim. Rabbi Wiesenfeld also answers the questions that come in from the “ask the rabbi” section.

The app is currently only available for Android phones, although the iPhone version is almost ready. Click here to access the developer’s homepage, and enjoy the screenshots below that should give you a better taste as to what this free app is all about. You can read more about the app here.

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Yitz Lefkowitz is an entrepreneur who lives in Givat Hamivtar. He originally hails from Flatbush, New York and holds an MBA from Bar Ilan University.



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