Once every seven years, Am Yisrael is privileged to observe the mitzvah of shmittah. While we are honored to observe this mitzvah (and others that are contingent on Eretz Yisrael) its infrequency makes it hard to know the pertinent halachos. This is especially relevant at critical moments, like at the supermarket. The Shmittah App was designed to get you the answers you
With the Shemittah year now upon us, as a rabbi and educator you will be confronted by questions such as: “I am visiting my son who is in Yeshiva in Israel this year. What can I eat at a restaurant?" Hey rabbi, what’s with Shemitta? "My family doesn't value Shemittah. Do you have any links that I could send them to better appreciate this year?” NLEResources.com is proud to present its readers with a roundup of Shemittah Resources. This page is a centralized