For years, Rabbi Asher Weiss has been known for his weekly lectures that he gives in numerous places (you can find many of his recorded shiurim here) and his publications such as the acclaimed Minchas Asher series.

Now, anybody involved in kiruv work can also bask in his thougths. We are all aware of the difficult and complex questions that often arise, both in halachah and in broader topics of Jewish philosophy and thought. The path towards Jewish observance is paved with stones of dilemmas, involving such issues as halachic status (yuchsin), monetary matters, interaction with the non-Jewish environment, questions of community leadership, medical ethics – and a plethora of other issues.

Much experience has made us keenly aware of the need, due to the complexity and difficulty of questions that commonly arise, for a professional Torah resource that will cater for the requirements of the kiruv community.

Aside from the unique nature of its questions, the kiruv community often requires special answers. Regretfully, many halachic authorities are not familiar with the specific issues pertaining to this large and growing community, and we have found that halachic responses are often “out of sync” with the people asking the questions. Experience has borne out that answers of this type to delicate matters can cause more harm than good.

Enter the new website called: This site publishes many shiurim and responsa of Rav Asher Weiss’s online.

The website is manned by rabbis who are expert in halachah, and some of whom have specialized training in particular fields (monetary law, personal status, and so on). All the rabbis have undergone several years of training under the leadership and guidance of Rav Asher Weiss shlita, and are actively involved in his beis hora’ah and beis din.

Maran Rav Weiss shlita himself will stand at the helm of the project, and will be intimately involved in the activities of the Beis Midrash, personally overseeing the given answers and the long-term relationships forged with those on the other side of the line.

The English site was launched only a few days ago and is already providing a valuable resource for mekarvim around the globe. The link for the multi language site is

We trust that you will make the most of this service, and hope to enjoy a long and fruitful Torah relationship.



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