Rabbis and educators around the world all know about NLEResources.com. It’s recognized as a global online portal that has amassed over 1,000 resources for teaching, management, and marketing. If you’ve visited WomenInKiruv.org (WIK) within the last several months, you’ve probably noticed that things have begun to change on this site as well. And now, we are pleased to share with you our new look and significant additions.

By visiting the newly redesigned WIK homepage, you will be able to access resources to help you in your work as well as a true picture of Jewish life in cities across North America, new programming ideas and much more!

Aside from its pleasing new aesthetic elements, the revamped website offers 2 new blogs, a Q&A section, useful recipes and a variety of information of Jewish interest that will serve as both sources of resources and inspiration for women in kiruv and Jewish education. Be sure to visit and return often.


We’re here to serve you, and are looking forward to your participation in this new project, the most vital source of resources for women in kiruv and Jewish education on the Internet!!

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