I would like to introduce the readers of NLEResources.com to Tefilla-Toons, an exciting new tefilla curriculum.

Tefilla-Toons is a series of cartoon animations that teach each of the birchos hashachar and basic foundations of emunah, such as: how Hashem loves each and every one of us, our Torah learning is important to Hashem and many more.

Included is a student workbook and teacher introduction video.

The student workbook is written to help concretize the ideas presented in the videos and also provide fun activities to help keep the student engaged. While the videos and workbook are geared to 3rd-4th graders, middle and high school classes love them too.

The entire project is dedicated l’zecher nishmas my brother-in-law, Rabbi Yosef Kalter, Yosef ben Naftali Shimon HaKohen. May it be a zechus for his neshema and the entire family.

The entire curriculum can be found on chinuch.org at this link:


Rabbi Eliezer Kessler teaches 3rd and 5th Grade boys at Yeshiva Torat Emet of Houston, Texas.



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