Rav Mendel Weinbach zt”l was the beloved founder of Yeshivat Ohr Sameach. He is someone who has brought hundreds—if not thousands of Jews—closer to the Ribbono Shel Olam. Below is a roundup of articles, links, and audio that relate to this great Torah giant. Jewish Press Announcement of Rav Mendel Weinbach’s Levaya Rav Mendel Weinbach... Read more »

A few years ago when I was traveling, a relative suggested I read the book “It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life” by Lance Armstrong. They said that as a person who appreciates inspiring stories about overcoming obstacles, I would be impressed with the book and may find future fodder for future Vorts in it. I read the book and do not recall being particularly inspired.
I know I am supposed to feel like a repressed, suppressed, oppressed and perhaps depressed victim of a patriarchal leadership, relegated to the back of the bus by bushy-bearded, black-coated, wild-eyed fanatics. But what if I don’t?
Here, the reader will find what can be said of using this medium as a tool for inculcating Torah values as well as riveting in otherwise complex, didactically challenging material.