Enjoy enchanting and informative links to hundreds of webinars, videos—and even video channels—that you can learn from or forward on to your student or congregant.
Please note: links to videos can change. If they do, please google for the vide and you may find it on another site.

TorahWeb Videos
A slew of video shuirim on a vast range of topics from TorahWeb.

Shalom Sesame Channel
Great clips from Shalom Sesame.

Project Inspire Videos
This is the direct link to a slew of wonderful videos from Project Inspire that include short clips to their full length Tisha B’Av presentations.

Early Shabbos
by Jewish Impact Films.

Dude it’s Shabbos
by Jewish Impact Films.

Rabbi Menachem Nissel’s Facebook Videos 
Wonderfully shot and entertaining, these videos feature the Educational Director of NCSY, Rabbi Menachem Nissel.

Rabbi Avraham Sutton YouTube Channel
The Editor of several of Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan’s work, Rabbi Sutton is able to distill Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism down to a practical level in a deep but relevant language so that any Jew can walk away uplifted and inspired.

85 videos of various lengnths from the folks at TorahLive.com. Great trigger films.

SimpletoRemember.com YouTube Channel
A great collection of videos on a slew of Jewish themes.