The Holy Land. Eretz Yisrael. Israel. This section does not deserve a simple link or two and we have culled through a plethora of resources to highlight some of the greatest links throughout the world wide web.

NLE Morasha Syllabus Classes


    This famed organization, keeps the news distributors on its toes by monitoring the media and promoting accurate reporting about Israel and the Middle East.
  • Go Israel
    A wonderful web portal that aggregates free and cheap trips that offer touring, Jewish learning, and Birthright trips to Israel.
  • 100’s of Israel Related Links
    Jacob Richman has organized his site by various topics so that you can easily find links to topics ranging from History to Technology.
  • Stand With Us
    This site offers a slew of information from running programs to educational materials and weekly e-mail alerts. The website includes a list of advocacy activities, downloadable signs for events and “Israel 101” course materials.
  • Honest Reporting
    The mission of Honest Reporting is to defend Israel against prejudice in the Media. In turn, they provide materials that can serve as educational tools and resources to anyone wishing to advocate for Israel.
  • Israel Campus Beat
    The college campus is arguably the forefront to the battleground for defending Israel in America today. Israel Campus Beat offers access to daily news stories, analysis and opinion pieces that will help a college student understand and defend Israel’s positions.
  • Myths and Facts
    This site publishes material regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
  • Your one-stop online resource for a choice of subsidized trips to Israel for Jewish college students and young professionals.

Articles & Resources

  • Eyes on Israel: A Curriculum on Israel and the Media
    Israel’s struggle for survival and acceptance as a legitimate, sovereign nation in a turbulent region is perceived by most Americans through the lens of the media. This article from The Lookstein Center’s Journal of Jewish Educational Leadership and the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) explores the role of the media in covering the Arab-Israeli conflict.
  • Guttman Report
    This report highlights that most Israelis are not “secular”. Rather, Jewish observance and beliefs exist on a spectrum.
  • Israel Maps
    A great collection of medieval maps of the Holy Land, produced in high resolution. Perfect for classes or handouts.
  • City of David
    Great media and good resources on the history of Jerusalem.
  • Forbes List of Most Influential Rabbis in Israel
    As a follow up to their list of the wealthiest rabbis in Israel, Forbes Israel published a list in 2012 of the most influential Rabbis in Israel.
  • Aggados about Yerushalayim
    A collection of aggados about the beauty of Yerushalayim and its history. Prepared by Jules Gitin and edited by Stephen Garfinkel.
  • Dress Regulations at the Kosel after the Six-Day War
    This link features a video that was filmed only one month after the end of the Six-Day War. It shows some incredible footage of The Holy City and other parts of Israel. It also shows a sign that was posted near the Kosel. It is from the Army Rabbinate and gives instructions about dress and head covering that is expected of people while they are at the Kosel.
  • Refelections of a Chareidi Yom Ha’Atzmaut, By Rabbi Avraham Edelstein
  • Yom Yerushalayim, by Rav Moshe Tzuriel

Halachic Articles