This page offers links to websites, online tools, and more that will allow you or your student to learn more about our history.

Websites and Tools

Holocaust Websites and Tools

  • IWitness A free, transformative website for students 13 years and older. Users can interact with over 1000 video testimonies, and connect with them, one voice at a time.

Sephardic Resources

  • Sephardic Council Sephardic Sages Timeline and Bios of Chachmei Sepharad from the 10th ce. to the present. Sephardic History This links is very much a one stop resource for everything from Sephardic history to genealogy. Ben Ish Chai Online Ben Ish Chai is a fascinating summary of Jewish law from a Sephardi perspective.


There is an amazing amount of video available online to highlight Jewish History. The following video is entitled, Martyrs: The Story of the Asarah Harugei Malchut. It was produced by DRS Seniors for their Jewish History class, and can act as an example of how we can get the creative juices of our students flowing, and by extension, involve them in their past, present, and future!