This page offers links to a multitude of sites that can come in as handy resources when it comes to building a class or sermon.

Free NLE Books

In this book, aptly titled, Sources, the reader can access a multitude of sources for different topics such as: Torah, Gemara, Mitzvos, Holidays, Hashkafic principles, and much more!

Book of Quotations
Quotes from A to Z on hundreds of topics for use in talks and written material.

Websites and Tools of Interest

The Internet Archive
Web page missing? Go to and type in the URL you want. It might just have your page saved in memory from this past month, let alone several years back in time!
This link provides you with front pages of newspapers from over 90 countries.

TED Quotes
Here you can pull up thousands of memorable quotes from TEDTalks, grouped by subject. They are as easy to share as the TEDTalks and are great to reference use in a speech or class.

Searchable Database of English Books with Jewish Values
A great resource for any Jewish Educator.

VERY Extensive list of primary Jewish sources online
This free list of Jewish sources and resources on the internet was published by Dr. Melech Tanen.

Free Jewish Books

If you are looking for FREE Jewish books, please visit as well as

In terms of finding great used books online we recommend using

Recommended Book List

Partners in Torah Recommended Book List
A wonderful list of recommended books by Partners in Torah. Recommended Books
Another wonderful resource of recommended books compliments of

RCA Helpful Seforim List
A list of books from various Rabbis that includes the Seforim that they use and that help them in their craft.