This section is intended for women and offers links to a multitude of websites, online tools, interactive media, blogs, and more that are certain to be informative resources for Jewish women.

Free NLE Books

  • Women I This book discusses the creation of, nature and qualities of a woman.
  • Women II This second book explores issues of equality between men and women.


  • Tefillah Chart (Shacharis)
    It’s a handy chart indicating the most important tefilos of Shacharis to the least important and was put together for women by Rabbi Menachem Nissel. The problem with most charts is that they either go with time, or with priority but not both. This chart goes with both.
  • Resources on Women Rabbis, by Torah Musings

Articles of Interest



  • A website based out of Jerusalem for Jewish Mom’s around the world!


Becoming What I Want To Be

by Aliza Bulow

Why Wear A Tichel (Scarf Headcovering)
More Videos for Women available here

“Mikvah: Splish Splash Is It a Jewish Bath?”


What is Puah?