The following links and videos can act as inspiration or help you when it comes to making a promotional video for your organization.

Articles of Interest

How to Create Your Own Promo Video for Under $100
A great post from the folks at KISS Metrics.

Take High-Quality Portraits with Nothing but a Smartphone and a $10 Lamp
Your smartphone is a great tool for taking pictures, but if you’ve ever tried to snag a portrait of someone you know that unless you’re outside they tend to be a little bland. Photographer Philippe Echaroux shows off how to take a solid portrait with just an iPhone and a $10 light.


More often than not a Kiruv Rabbi or Administrator may be charged with the role of taking pictures of events, to even headshots of the faculty for a brochure, banquet or the like. In this quick video you can learn how to shoot like a pro and appear instantly more photogenic. More on this topic can be read here.

Here’s a Great Promotional Video for ChampionsGate VII. We are posting here so that you can use it as inspiration for your next promotional video.