The Tefillah and Davening  page offers links to wonderful websites, audio, and much more that will empower you and inspire a student/congregant to have a greater appreciate for Tefillah. Free NLE Book Siddur – A collection of commentaries on the weekly Siddur. Articles The Origin of the Recital of Shema in the Musaf Kedusha, by By... Read more »
The Beit Knesset (synagogue) is the focal point of Jewish communal life. It is the home of God, a place of prayer and study where we can connect to Him. It is described as a Miniature Temple, a Mikdash Me’at. When the Jews received the Torah at Har Sinai, God revealed Himself to them in... Read more »
Prayer provides every person with the profound ability to communicate with God. It is our opportunity to talk to God, to express our joys and frustrations and put forward our wishes. Moreover, prayer is a powerful means for personal introspection as well as contemplation of the world. This class will explore the profound nature of... Read more »