Michayev Inish Livsumei Befuraiya Ad Delo Yada … A Closer Look at Drinking on Purim (Megillah 7b)   Drunkenness is condemned, forbidden, and admonished against – to varying degrees – in the Torah, Prophets, Writings, Talmud, and Jewish ethical literature.Intoxication can lead to loss of self-control, alcohol addiction, transgression, weakened morality, and crime. With this in mind we are... Read more »
To fully appreciate and participate in the festivities of Purim one needs to be familiar with the mitzvot of the day, and understand the deep meaning behind them. The mitzvot of Purim themselves reflect the central themes discussed in the first Morasha shiur on Purim: Purim Unmasked. With these added insights, Purim is revealed not... Read more »