Harvard Business Review recently wrote about Kevin Starr, the executive director of the Mulago Foundation (the full link is available here). Starr insists that if he is going to invest in a company, they must be able to express their mission statement in under eight words. They also must follow this format: “Verb, target, outcome.” Some examples: “Save endangered species from extinction” and “Improve African children’s health.”

The same should be true for a non-profit as well.

Are you starting a new community kollel or cause? If you have an organization, how long is your current mission statement? Do you think you could get it down to under eight words using the “verb, target, outcome” format?

The importance of following this powerful formula is that your mission statement will no longer be a vague and jargon-filled statement. Instead, your mission statement will create a clear sense of what you aim to achieve, and by extension, this message will reverberate and extend a sense of meaning and purpose to every employee.


picture courtesy of Leo Reynolds

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