Sefaria is a new website that is completely free! This interactive resource is one that Rabbi Aaron Ross described here as, “trying to collect as many traditional Jewish sources as possible and link them all together.” You can read all about Sefaria and their goals here.

Plus, as a rabbi or Jewish educator, you can use Sefaria to quickly build source sheets. All you need to do is organize your sources by dragging and dropping their titles. Next, you can print your sheets to paper, PDF, or simply share the link. You can see how this is done in this short video below:


Sefaria is still in its infancy. However, once it’s developed, it has the chance to be a wonderful resource for anyone trying to quickly look up sources. Rabbi Ross mentions that the layout and interface on Sefaria are clean and more inviting than a daunting library of seforim and books. As such, it could be a good entry point to refer a student to do further research. As he put it, “this will allow students a comfortable entry point while not giving up on more ‘authentic’ learning. And, hopefully, at some point this set of training wheels can be removed and students can learn to begin with the original.”

All in all, we encourage you to bookmark as it will only be a website that will continue to further develop and can come in handy for you and/or your students.

To see Safaria in action click here.



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