Founded by Rabbi Hillel & Neima Novetsky and their children, Yonatan, Aviva, Ariella and Yehuda, is a one-stop Tanach study resource, providing the tools, techniques, and technology to make Tanach come alive in your home, at a Shabbos table, in your classroom or even in a drasha! It is a truly an incredible tool that makes Tanach come to life in a clean and multi-dimensional learning experience. Whether you are a “tech-geek” or a novice when it comes to computers, the site is easy to use and can be enjoyed by the scholar and layperson.

With its tree structured layout, can be organized, personalized, interconnected, and continuously expanded, to your liking. The site is a great resource to know of and bookmark as you can use the site and also refer it to your student or congregant to further explore topics in Tanach!

After all, as a rabbi or educator, it is hard to find time to extensively prepare for classes. The wealth of information, sources, and visual aids on the site will be invaluable in saving countless hours of time, in making material available which otherwise would be inaccessible, and in helping to better sculpt and structure your classes. Enjoy!


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