For many people—including your students and congregants—watching the Super Bowl is a sacred grail, and is something about which people will say, “Rabbi, I am not missing that game/the commercials for the world!” Often, this means that people will end up not davening Mincha and Maariv with a minyan. And so, in the past number of years, several shuls, outreach organizations, and men’s clubs (see here for an example) have held Super Bowl parties at a private venue—or even in their own facility! Doing so ensures that people daven with a minyan, say Kaddish for their loved one, hear a quick shuir from the rabbi, and watch the game in a more wholesome environment than the local sports bar. Plus, it’s also an opportunity for people to bring less affiliated friends and family into a Jewish environment and meet the local rabbi and rebbetzin.

If you are looking to infuse Torah into the Super Bowl experience, Yeshiva Univesity has produced a set of video classes entitled, “Superbowl 47: YU Torah Halftime Show!” The YU Torah Halftime show is a series of three, brief, exciting and inspiring presentations on “Torah and Sports” topics. Mr. Charlie Harary, renowned speaker in the Jewish world, will discuss how some of the most important characteristics of a good quarterback can teach us all how to lead better lives. Rabbi Kenneth Brander shares how being an unafraid outsider might give us the key to succeed, and Mrs. C. B. Neugroschl discusses what makes us continually great.

Please note: DVDs are already sold out. However, you can check back here on Super Bowl Sunday, February 3rd, to watch the Halftime Show online. Below is a quick teaser video that you could send out to people to further promote your event.

If you are looking for another video to screen during the Super Bowl Halftime Show, you may want to show this inspiring speech from Alan Veingrad that highlights his remarkable story. Veingrad starred as an offensive lineman for the Green Bay Packers and the Dallas Cowboys, winning Superbowl XXVII. He then embarked on a spiritual journey to rediscover his Jewish roots and become and observant Jew.


At NLE Resources, we are interested in not only introducing you to new resources, but also providing you with samples of how others have promoted their class or event. And so, below you will find two flyers that will allow you to see how others have advertised the event, what they have charged as an entrance fee, where they have hosted the party, etc. etc.



It is our hope that you will have ample time to plan and promote this event so that you can use a game that revolves around a pigskin ball, to bring people closer to Torah!

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