NLE Resources invites rabbis and educators from around the world to contribute guest posts.  Here’s a new blog from Rabbi Gabi Brett, a Director of PBM International.

The Professionals Beis Medrash (PBM) is a carefully constructed Gemara study that we have designed. Our Rosh Yeshiva is Rabbi Avigdor Blumenau. it is already being enjoyed in many professional communities throughout the world! It is designed for those who wish to improve their ability to learn Gemara independently, whether they are just starting out or would like to build on existing skills. There are multiple tracks, levels and modules of shiurim tailored to meet the specific requirements of participants be it in synagogues or businesses.

PBM enables anyone to learn how to tackle our ancient texts in the original format and refine your skills of
Talmudic logic. The approach PBM takes is highly structured, designed to maximize the progress made in each weekly session. Each session focuses on a short piece of Gemara text and is typically divided between studying the Gemara with a partner and a shiur. An emphasis is placed on the skills and methodology that
can be applied when approaching any piece of Gemara.

A unique feature of PBM is an innovative course folder that accompanies the shiurim.The folder is comprehensive in its coverage of background information and structure and includes outline notes for each shiur. The material is intended to facilitate preparation before the shiur and to assist in reviewing afterwards.

The goal of PBM is certainly ambitious. Developing the skills to study Gemara independently requires commitment and some hard work. However, it is also immensely rewarding and enjoyable. PBM can help you meet the challenge. PBM is now running in three continents and has been enthusiastically received.

It continues to attract new participants to groups meeting both in synagogues and the workplace. PBM started in 2006 now has set up 22 courses in cities such as: Manhattan, Geneva, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Colorado, Canary Wharf, and London.

For more information you can contact us directly via email at: at You can also visit our website:

Below, is an exclusive PDF preview of what PBM offers for the readership. Enjoy!

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