Young professionals (and especially young moms) are busy. Between work and family there isn’t so much time left. And so, events that allow you to connect with them need to be “worth it” for them to take the time out of their schedule, give up an early night, and get a babysitter!

We have found that inspiring speakers, guest lectures, and special class series weren’t attracting those who have busy and full days.

Combining an activity in which they learn a skill or take home a craft with an inspiring fifteen-minutes-or-less speech – is just the right package! Because the programs are interactive and action-filled, there’s time for socializing and building friendships which is important to those who have very full days!

The speeches often relate to the upcoming holiday or bring out a message that is activity related. The class is short and powerful ,similar to a TED Talk which packs a great speech into a short timeframe and leaves with you with a strong, clear message.

We’ve done: sushi making, challah baking, paint night, jewelry making, glass etching, flower arrangement…

The program runs once a month and we try to have the next month’s planned by the previous month’s event in order that people can look forward to the upcoming event and save the date.

We run it here in The Phoenix Community Kollel under the program titled TLC (Torah Learning and Creativity) connecting young Jewish women.

This sort of programming that we do can easily be replicated for couples and young professional men. The women feel like they are part of a club and they enjoy trying new creative ideas in a relaxing social setting as well as growing spiritually.

Below, are four examples of the flyers that we used for our events. They were all well received and people really liked how creative of an event it was for them, their friend that they brought along, etc. etc.


flower flyer


Sushi flyer 2 Glass Etching flyer Jewelry flyer



I look forward to hearing from any of the readers of and learning from them what sort of events they use to connect with new and old members and students.


Rebbetzin Dina Bacharach is part of the Women’s Division of The Phoenix Community Kollel and runs the TLC program.



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