As we enter Parshas Teruma, you may be looking for a way to have people better appreciate the Mishkan. We’ve got an excellent visual aid.

You can now build your own Mishkan! This model is ideal for a classroom demonstration; it can be used as a way to bring the tabernacle and the concepts that surround it to life, or you can simply purchase it for personal use and keep it on your desk.  It’s sure to be a good talking point when people walk into your office!

Students young and old will be able to see the intricate design and better understand and appreciate the structure of the Mishkan—the sacred place where Hashem’s Presence dwelled. Based on the Torah and Talmudical sources, this model is built-in scale of an inch for every “Amah.”

The model features more then 230 pieces made out of plastic parts and fabric material. It is easy to assemble, detailed, and accurate. The ABS plastic material makes this particular model very light-weight and durable. We are confident that this magnificent model of the Mishkan will help give your students the ability to understand this place of glory, unmatched sanctity, and the focal point of our existence during our journeys in the desert.

To order, The Model Mishkan please call: 718-475-9441.

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