When I think of the vast numbers of Jews we are losing to assimilation, many of them for no other reason than that they were not given the opportunity to experience the beauty of Judaism; when the going is tough asking donors to join me and my staff of tireless and dedicated kiruv workers in reaching out to hundreds of students yearning to find meaning in this confused world; when I think of the enormity of the task, the non-stop emails and meetings and calls; the struggles of the day-to-day work in a small, not yet professional enough, not yet staffed enough, not for profit organization, then a video comes along that lifts my spirits to the heavens and renews my strength and determination to continue relentlessly, with Hashem’s help, in this pursuit called kiruv, which is the calling of our time, and the greatest privilege and responsibility to be a part of. This is the video:

I’ve watched it a dozen times. And each time I watch it, I’m inspired. So, whenever you need some inspiration, watch this video. And pass it on. Chag kasher v’samayach!


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