The Art of Amazement Haggada: Leader’s Edition is a new, one-of-a-kind, kiruv-friendly haggada! The goal of this haggada is to communicate the haggada to every type of Jew you may have at  your table. Your guests will certainly feel that the Seder, including Maggid, really was enjoyable. To achieve this, I have written drashas so they can be appreciated by someone unfamiliar with the language of drush. How is this haggada different from all other haggadas? Rather than placing commentary below the text, The Art of Amazement Haggada: Leader’s Edition embeds the midrashic details into the text. “Haggada” means “telling the story” and this haggada will empower you with the mastery of Midrash to keep your participants glued to their seats.

And the section on the 10 makkos reads in a really dramatic fashion. Basically, I took various midrashim that you would ordinarily find in the footnotes, and inserted them into the text and wrote it as a story. Plus, I Included tips and tricks to get participants of all ages engaged, including recommended parts for less-religious participants to skip. It goes without saying that all of the brachos are transliterated.

Best of all, there are two printings of this Leader’s Edition. The standard binding and the spiral binding, which will enable it to lie flat easily on your crowded seder table.


Alexander Seinfeld is an ordained rabbi, a Stanford graduate and a former high school science teacher. He is the author of The Art of Amazement: Judaism’s Forgotten Spirituality (JSL, 2010) and the founder of Jewish Spiritual Literacy, Inc





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  1. rabbikomisar

    Is it available for sale as an ebook or other download? I’m leading a model seder early next week at a local university and this looks like a great resource.

  2. rabbikomisar

    I ask because I don’t have time to order it now and wait for it to arrive. Thanks.

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