We’ve written all about infographics (see here for the latest post) and have even amassed a large collection of Jewish infographics (here and here)! Nowadays, it seems that everywhere you turn there’s an infographic presenting information to the masses. People love infographics because they easily convey information in a visual way —  and best of all, infographics can go viral and increase awareness of a cause, organization, or campaign.

Problems arise when you want to print an infographic so that you can hang it up in your classroom or in the halls of your community center. After all, when it comes to printing large posters or infographics, many people do not have an easy way to print something poster-sized on the standard letter-size printer that is found in most homes and offices.

And so, we want to tell you about Block Posters. It’s a fantastic web-based tool that allows you to easily upload a high-quality image and then divide it into letter-sized chunks for printing. Once you are finished printing each section, you can put them together on a poster board to make your own poster, or hang them on the cork-board that is commonly found in classrooms or the hallways of schools. Best of all, Block Posters is free!

Below, is an example of the easy process that you will find using Block Posters.




Have you ever used Block Posters? How else do you print large items, without running to a print-shop? Let us know what works for you by commenting below.




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