The summer is a great time for educators to reflect and think of new teaching methods, tools and visual aids that they can use to enhance both their teaching and their classroom setting.

With this in mind, we want to bring to the attention of all the rabbis and educators who read, that as a service to the Jewish community, the Star-K has releasedfree of charge—beautifully designed posters that can be of value to you as a classroom display or in your teaching to people in your community.

The posters cover four topics in Halacha: Kashrut Terms, Pat Haba B’Kisnin, Berachot, and Tevilat Keilim. (Some of the rulings cited are perhaps subject to machloket, so any such points can be the source of informed discussion.)

You can download all or some of the posters in various sizes and formats by clicking on this link. Hatzlacha!


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