Rabbis and educators are all looking for new ways to help their students learn and retain information in a world that is becoming increasingly dominated by mobile devices and wearable technology. After all, a majority of teens are now carrying around mobile devices (see here) and your typical mobile phone user checks their device at least 150 times a day (see here).

In light of the above, teachers are looking for ways that they can use technology as a tool. One such new tool that leverages mobile devices can be found at TextMyBrain.com.

This new site helps learning become mobile as teachers and students alike can easily create a quiz, exam or survey to take either online or by SMS (text messaging). Below, is how it easily generates the results of the quiz to teachers so that they can monitor the scores of each and every student.



TextMyBrain.com has a variety of uses. The main idea is to allow anyone to take a quiz on the go, one question at a time.

There are many ways that a rabbi and educator can leverage this tool. It can be used as a time management tool to study for upcoming exams on Talmud, Chumash, etc. This service “speaks to students” and helps them study and not feel the need to cram the night before their test.

This can also be used to kick off a Bein Adam L’Chaveiro campaign in a high school. Teachers can monitor the questions being asked and answered by students.

You can also use this as a great “mobile ice breaker” before departing on a Birthright trip. Send your participants a quiz called: The Top 20 Things You Must Know About Israel. Next, let all the participants know that whoever scores the highest grade in the shortest amount of time will win a free ice coffee in Jerusalem! This can be a great way to kick-off your event or trip and engage your participants before the trip even begins.

We are confident that this new tool will help your students in and out of your classroom. Hatzlacha!



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