Tosafot Yomi is a new learning program for anyone who wants to take their Gemara learning to the next level. The commitment is to learn a Tosafot from each day’s Daf Yomi, except for Saturdays  and Sundays, which are designated for review. Each day, a 30-40 minute shiur is uploaded where the text and the context is explained. No prior understanding of the daf is necessary.

After the shiur, review is facilitated by three multiple-choice questions. Additionally, a weekly, monthly and bi-monthly review is offered (by going over the questions) to make it “easy” to retain the newly acquired knowledge.

The goal of this program is to gain widespread expertise in Tosafot both in terms of knowledge and technique. Besides being able to cite the sources for the relevant topics, participants will be able enjoy learning the unique, non-conclusive style of Tosafot, which often leaves questions open and stimulates the mind to think about the issues throughout the entire day.

It gives food for thought with which one can literally fulfill the words of the pasuk “uv’shochvecha uv’kumecha” so that one can ponder the Torah questions before falling asleep, which will eventually be the first thought in the morning!

To learn more and join the learning program click here.

All the best,

Binyomin Szanto-Varnagy




The author is a member of the Lativ Kolel in Budapest, Hungary



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