The following are a collection of thoughtful and insightful articles, audio and videos devoted to exploring religious responses that the layperson to the scholar can appreciate when trying to cope with the news of the brutal murder and attack in Har Nof.

We will update this page as more articles and words of chizuk become available. Tehay zichram baruch.




Insightful Links and Articles

Further Resources for Coping with Loss


ABC Report: The Day After Har Nof Massacre

ABC World News Recognizes That Jews Will Continue to Pray

Eulogy for R’ Kalman Levine given by former student R’ Zev Shub of Roots Kollel in Brooklyn, NY

Communal Gathering in Light of the Horrific Murder: Rav Shalom Tendler & Rav Nachum Sauer

Rabbi Yaacov Haber Reacting to The Har Nof Massacre

Links to More Videos:

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