As a small nonprofit organization, we are certain that you are constantly looking for easy fundraising opportunities or different ways to help bring in revenue. Many Jewish organizations are aware of a relatively new fundraising program organized by American Express called: Small Business Saturday. See here for an example of how one community kollel is using this initiative as a fundraiser for their programs.

The above example is great. However, it requires a person to make a donation. Plus, it can only work if a student or congregant has an American Express card. And so, we wanted to alert you to a great new tool that will help you called: Sparo.

In December 2012, a small group of people came together and asked the following intriguing question:

“What if every purchase made online resulted in a charitable donation?”

Next, they came up with a solution to create Sparo as an application that becomes automatically embedded at the online checkout page, and allows shoppers to donate a portion of their purchase to the charity of their choice.

In the Spring 2013, Sparo was born.

To date, Sparo remains the only online charity application completely embedded at checkout that allows you to purchase what you like, through sites you trust, while supporting your favorite causes.

Want to see how Sparo works? Watch the following videos:

We are certain that this new site is one that many nonprofits are going to use. We encourage your organization to jump right to it and be one of the first Jewish nonprofits to promote this new initiative so that you can reap the financial rewards.

After all, you may have people who love attending your shul or classes—and would relish the opportunity to give charity. Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of cash lying around. This becomes a great and easy way for them to support their favorite charity without doing anything extra.

Feel free to read the Sparo FAQs page for more information and find out how you can easily sign up your nonprofit.

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