As a small nonprofit organization, we are certain that you are constantly looking for easy fundraising opportunities or different ways to help bring in revenue. Many Jewish organizations are aware of a relatively new fundraising program organized by American Express called: Small Business Saturday. See here for an example of how one community kollel is using this initiative as a fundraiser for their programs.

The above example is great. However, it requires a person to make a donation. Plus, it can only work if a student or congregant has an American Express card. And so, we wanted to alert you to a great new fundraising program that just launched days ago called: AmazonSmile.

The site automatically donates to you 0.5% of any purchase made by your parent body or congregants. It costs them (and the charitable organizations) nothing. That’s right—they don’t spend one penny! And, it’s just like shopping on Amazon normally.

Please note: in order for to receive the donation, a person has to start their shopping at

We are certain that this new site is one that many nonprofits are going to use. We encourage your organization to jump right to it and be the first to promote this new initiative so that you can reap the financial rewards.

After all, you may have people who love attending your shul or classes—and would relish the opportunity to give charity. Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of cash lying around. This becomes a great and easy way for them to support their favorite charity without doing anything extra.

Feel free to read the AmazonSmile FAQs page for more information.

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