Nowadays, more and more people use their mobile phone as their primary computer screen. In fact, because around 50 percent of the 74.6 million unique visitors to (the largest sports site in the U.S.) are on a mobile device,  the site chose to design their new looking website first for small screens before it did so for large ones (see here).

In light of the above, Kindrid is a new approach to giving donations. Their goal is to empower nonprofits to engage new givers, increase generosity via the mobile device and garner funds whether your donors, congregants or students are in their office or are out and about on a hike or running errands.

The Smart Giving platform by Kindrid equips you to receive gifts of any amount with a single text message and provides powerful backend tracking and management tools. The Kindrid team also provides everything your nonprofit will need to effectively promote Smart Giving among your congregation and students. Kindrid works on Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry or any other smartphone.

Plus, it allows for donors to schedule gifts as one-time, weekly, twice-monthly, and monthly gifts on their phone without ever needing to remember logins, or navigate to a website.

Kindrid even allows you to add keywords to collect designated gifts. For example, this could be perfect for funding specific campaigns or raising support for a class trip or Rosh Hashana campaign. (ex. Text “$100 Israel Trip” to give to our new Israel trip fund.) On your end, Kindrid tracks all designating giving and displays it to you on your secure Kindrid Dashboard.



At the backend level, Kindrid allows you to log into your Kindrid Dashboard and add/edit keywords, view transaction histories, donor analytics and download reports at the click of a button.

Best of all, Kindrid provides everything you need to promote this new method of giving to your congregation. This includes customized materials, coaching, and examples of other nonprofits rolling out Smart Giving. Their support team is always available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

How can you sign up?

Simply head over to, click “Pricing” and pick the right plan for you. The pricing begins at $45 a month on up. All gifts have a 2.5% + 30¢ standard processing fee. There are no signup fees, contracts or other hidden costs. You will have your account completely set up in ten minutes and can start receiving gifts via Kindrid’s Smart Giving immediately.

For more information, see this video and checkout the infographic below.

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