We aim to help your Jewish nonprofit organizations keep up with the latest trends and methods used to help bring in additional funds and donations. It’s for that reason that we have written posts such as All You Need to Know About Google Grants for Nonprofits and Why Your Organization
So you just received a meaningful donation from a donor. What should you give the donor that makes him feel valued so he wants to give again and again? If we want to build long-term relationships with our bigger donors to ensure their continued giving, we have to get this right, all the time. I tell the
Online giving brings in donations from a range of people from young Millenials to aging Baby Boomers, and analysts predict that it will continue to grow. Not all nonprofits are "jumping for joy" at this news. After all, both businesses and nonprofits see funds diminished because online credit card processing services such as PayPal or Square (see our earlier post on
Nowadays, more and more people use their mobile phone as their primary computer screen. In fact, because around 50 percent of the 74.6 million unique visitors to ESPN.com (the largest sports site in the U.S.) are on a mobile device, the site chose to design their new looking website first for small screens before it did so for large ones (see here). In light of the above, Kindrid is a new approach
A recent graduate of one of Ner LeElef’s many training programs contacted NLEResources.com looking for a way to receive online donations. But, here’s the catch—his new organization doesn’t have a website yet! Below, you will find a roundup of new startups and some well-known options that you can use to accept donations with and without... Read more »