In an earlier blogpost, we explained how you and your organization can join shuls and Jewish nonprofits around the globe who have their own apps for iPhone and android.

Having your own app allows students, congregants and donors to keep up-to-date with the latest news, events, minyanim and happenings. It also lets members view and pay their member dues online as well as make donations and put money on a daily basis in the “virtual pushka.”

If you and your organization are trying to think of additional ways to bring in funds you are going to want to know about CharityPad.

This new device can serve as a perfect complement to your donor wall as it allows anyone to act instantly to become your next supporter or be the Parnes HaYom. The CharityPad is something that really stands out and is available in table top, wall mount and lobby stand styles. As such, you can put the customizable showpiece stand in your lobby or entry to your new wing and have it serve as a centerpiece.



Click here to read their FAQ and learn more about CharityPad.



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