Today’s tough economic times are taking a toll on the budgets of families and non-profit organizations. It goes without saying that we are all looking for ways to cut corners. It’s no secret that cellphone service is expensive and that costs some people/organizations as much $100 (or more) a month! Still, people use their smartphone as a networking tool and are left with no choice but to pay astronomical monthly data plans.  

Enter FreedomPop.

FreedomPop is out to change the rising costs of mobile broadband. In fact, they are  offering 100% free high speed internet—any device, anywhere!

While FreedomPop is not yet available in every city, we are certain that you and your non-profit management would want to know of this great new resource. After all, there are some non-profits that pay for or subsidize cellphone plan and by using FreedomPop you can help save your organization money. If this is not the case where you work, we encourage you to use FreedomPop on a personal level so that you and your family can enjoy the benefits of saving hundreds—if not thousands of dollars every year.

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