The greatest challenge in education today is keeping students focused and engaged. Torah Live has a simple solution to this problem. Its website features exciting multimedia curriculums that will capture your students’ attention and spark their imagination!

Torah Live’s high quality video presentations and groundbreaking platform offer you powerful tools to teach Torah in your classroom.  Enhance your curriculum with interesting and relevant content that will inspire and excite your students while taking your teaching to the next level.

There are currently over 50 hours worth of classroom instruction time with Torah Live’s materials and we keep adding more. Over 400 schools, shuls, and outreach programs are already using the curriculums and hundreds of thousands of students in over 100 cities worldwide are enjoying this exciting material.


Torah Live has recently relaunched with a multi-level teacher package which includes:

  • Multi-media presentations
  • Flexible curriculums and lesson plans for different levels
  • Instructor’s guide
  • Comprehensive research notes
  • Student workbooks
  • Online assessments
  • Learning management system to track student progress
  • Posters for the classroom
  • Source sheets for Yomei Iyun or seminars
  • Teachers Lounge (forum) to share lesson plans and content

Click here to learn more about teaching with Torah Live.



Yisroel Porath is director of program development at Torah Live.

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