As a rabbi or educator, you probably bookcases full of books and seforim. Each and every page is cherished for its content and many of them serve as a tool that helps you prepare for a class, give an inspiring drasha, or aid your students. However, nowadays, being a teacher or working in a nonprofit management position, requires tools that aren't found on just your bookshelf. Instead, you must know of and use an assortment of online tools.
This page highlights different tools that you can use to market your organization! Nowadays, infographics are all the rage. If you are looking to create your own to highlight your organization to prospective students or donors, we recommend this free tool!
Tools for Shuls A blog from Rabbi Hayim Herring, author of Tools for Shuls: A Guide to Make Over Your Synagogue. Anyone who works in non-profit organizations, and cares about subjects like engaging volunteers, organizational change and non-profit leadership, will find the blog valuable.