There are lots of tools text-based tools for creating and hosting polls. You can find a list of some good ones here. To date there was nothing that allowed one to utilize the mode of video.

Enter Clip Choose.

To create a Clip Choose poll simply enter the URLs of as many as eight YouTube videos. After entering your videos your audience then votes for their favorite video or whatever prompt you give them regarding the videos.

Applications for Kiruv and Chinuch

Clip Choose could be a good tool to use to create video quizzes for a lesson about anti-Israel bias and propaganda. When teaching students about types of propaganda you could put two or three videos in Clip Choose and ask students to select the one that demonstrates the use of a particular propaganda technique. In so doing, you would put in a video that demonstrates that method and two videos that don’t.

You can also ask college students to create YouTube videos about topics such as: What does being Jewish mean to them? or Why I love Israel? and the person who produced the video that received the greatest poll results will be awarded with $500 or a free iPad. Whatever the prize may be, you have interacted not just your congregants/students — but because video is arguably the most engaging vehicle that you can use to draw in the youthful eyes of today — you will invariable engage additional votes and viewers who will now be exposed to your program(s) and institution.

Applications for Programming and Marketing

Clip Choose could be a good tool to use internally when it comes to deciding what type of look or feel you want your promotional video to look like.

Applications for Non-Profit Management

Clip Choose could also be effective when it comes to non-profit management. You can use Clip Choose to pit two or three banquet video ideas against one another and have the various Rabbis and/or members of your team vote by this polling method to determine the look that you are aiming to achieve.

h/t FreTech4Teachers

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