“5 Ted Talks to watch right now to hit your goals and transform your productivity in 2019”

For most people, that headline resonates with a prudent plan to harness ones talent for the coming year. Ted should have invited Rabbi Zelig Pliskin to share the theme of his poignant book, Life is Now, to capsulate those five seminars into one focused session, “Today is the greatest day of your life…”    

Today is the greatest day of your life, because today is the only day that exists. All your earlier days are part of your mind’s memory bank. All the future days haven’t occurred yet. So today just has to be the greatest day of your life. The way you experience the day will be different if you decide to view it as the greatest day of your life, right now. Today is the only day that you get to choose what you will think, say, and do today. So think about it: What are some meaningful things you could think, say, and do – according to your reality – today, on this special day of your life?

“Consider some small actions, taking a real step forward, that you could possibly do. Even if you don’t actually do them today, thinking about doing them elevates you – today. We never get to choose the exact nature of each day. G-d will send us unique challenges every single day. So the exact challenges that you experience today will be experienced only one time. Today is the only day of your life that you will be able to excel in utilizing today … People who strive for spiritual awareness will be able to keep growing and developing each day. (Based on Rabbi Zelig Pliskin, Life is Now, ArtScroll Publications, pp. 33-34 and Rabbi Reuvan Leuchter, Morasha.)

Rabbi Moshe Goldberger writes in his new kuntres, Choose Life: Using Your Time Wisely, the essential question is what will one do with one’s time. The first line of the Mesillas Yesharim speaks of gaining clarity of the truth of our obligations in our world.  As we develop 100% clarity in our goals and objectives, we become more efficient and effective to achieve. What is the most significant mitzvah in the world that we can fulfill that will contribute the greatest value to our life? Torah study!

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