Looking for a Three Weeks film that will really get people thinking?

Want to make an impression about the importance of increasing ahavas Yisroel during this time?

Need a film which can be enjoyed by yeshiva graduates as well as baalei teshuva and the not-yet religious?

Torah Live has the solution for you! The newly released educational film, The Lost Light, teaches about the importance and laws of proper speech in an unforgettable way. It combines comedic narration, animated cartoons, special effects and compelling story lines to intrigue viewers of all ages.

Shuls, schools and camps that have shown The Lost Light have been incredibly impressed, and one person even called it “life-changing.” It’s been shown at Rav Yisroel Reisman’s shul, Mesorah, NCSY Kollel and more. Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits said, “The Lost Light is accurate and effective. I hope that it will reach the masses.” And you can bring it to your congregants and students!






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